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Meet your Nutritionist

My Vision

Good nutrition and an adequate fitness program will be your best way to prevent diseases and to maintain your health, for me as a nutritionist and fitness trainer, nutrition and health education is the best way for our society to be a healthier society with more energy with less obesity and other chronic degenerative diseases, for this reason my website contains courses on various nutrition and health topics, as a Nutritionist always at the forefront, our vision is to individualize any nutrition plan for my patients that is why we are now doing analysis of your DNA focused on nutrition and what physical exercises are appropriate for you, likewise I have always been interested in natural medicine and into avoiding the use of medications as far as possible so, for this reason I took a postgraduate degree as a Therapist in Natural Medicine and Medical Biomagnetism and to complement my knowledge and being able to help my patients more, I certified myself as a Health Coach, as well as  in Fitness and, I am currently finishing my Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition.


Nutritionist - Health Coach

Fitness Trainer - Naturopath

Olga Barreal Mugridge MX-USA


Professional ID 2579878 Mexico
NPI 1740681600 USA
Master in Nutrition, Spain

Nutritionist for 25 years, graduated from Del Valle de Atemajac University in Guadalajara, passionate about Health and Nutrition since always, educating the population to have a healthier life through adequate nutrition and physical activity. Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainer for various disciplines for Mexico and U.S.A. focused in the last 8 years on overweight patients and other chronic degenerative diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc. Certified as Therapist in Natural Medicine, Health Coach (ACE), and Medical Biomagnetism. Specialist in individualized Nutrition and Fitness Programs now with ONLINE mode.



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