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NutriFit Challenges

Cocina nutritiva

21 Days´ Challenge

Includes meal plan, fitness training, nutrition and healthy recipes, grocery list, 12 hours of daily group support on WhatsApp, 12 menus and system of equivalents. Diploma.

Ensalada sana

Detox Challenge

To cleanse your body and improve your health drastically. Highly recommended to reset your body and that your body detoxifies to start optimizing its functions. Includes nutrition plan, juice therapy, exercises, and iris reading. Diploma.


28 Days´ Challenge

The most intense challenge to get in shape, lower body fat and increase muscle mass, includes personal training, nutrition plan according to your body type, access to 1 month of virtual gym, recommendation of supplements and coaching 12 hours a day personal and in a group. Diploma.

* The CHALLENGES can be for Omnivore, Vegetarian, or Vegan patients.

All challenges have Global NutriFit Educational VIDEOS included.

Challenges are perfect to start with when you want to make a change in your life and your health so, when is the best time to start?

Well, any time !!

After finishing your CHALLENGE you´ll feel fantastic.

It´ll change your life in the best way

Let me take you by the hand with me to a new style of LIFE, where your health is the most important thing! There is a CHALLENGE for each one of you and all of them work!

Choose the one you like the most and I´ll give you the tools to make your challenge a new style of LIFE and that this change in habits makes you feel and look so good that taking care of your health will be for the REST OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!




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