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Virtual Gym

Virtual Personal Training Weekly Sessions

Train with a certified trainer where he will guide you online so that you get the best result in your Fit Program.

Virtual Classes. Turn your computer, electronic, or television to any time and do your fitness program in the comfort of your home or office.

zumba (1).png

It is a fitness discipline created in the 1990s by the Colombian Beto Pérez, focused on one hand to maintain a healthy body and on the other one to develop, strengthen and give flexibility to the body through dance movements combined with a series of acrobatics routines.


Here you can see the latest in special fitness events, choreography for your routines, and even for instructors and that they can use in their classes. You will always have new options and routines at the forefront of this channel.

zumba toning (1).png

In these classes, toning sticks are used, a pair of light weights similar to maracas that will help you tone specific areas such as arms, abs, and thighs, modeling the body in a natural way while having fun dancing to music.

Strong Nation.png

A class that combines intervals of high-intensity exercises, strength, and cardio with the rhythm of music, motivating the student to do physical activity.


Training based on classical and ballet positions. In fact, BARRE stands for ballet barre, and, today most of Barre's routines combine movements from pilates, yoga, and ballet.


This technique developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata is based on a reduced but very intense work period, which seeks to maximize the results in relation to the effort.

core fit.png

Core muscles are important to gain stability. "Core" is a word in English whose meaning is center or core, Fit Core is a 30-minute class focused on strengthening these muscles and marking that six-pack.

pilates (1).png

It´s a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body, developed by Joseph Pilates. It dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels, and acts!

funcional (1).png

Set of methodology that includes exercises and movements that help athletes to carry out functional tasks so that the training is useful when working and preparing the muscles for day-to-day activities, improving sports performance and reducing risks of injuries.


Movement and exercise program with the intention of cardiovascular training combined with muscular resistance training.

Fruta fresca

Nutrition tips that will help you to be healthier and that together with your fitness program you have in lifestyle and health more complete. Healthy recipes reviewed and recommended by our Nutritionist and Health Coach Olga B. Mugridge.


Personal trainer in the comfort of your home and with flexible hours. Training appropriate to your needs so that you get in shape as soon as possible.

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